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Consider Adopting From Your Local Animal Shelter

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Every pet needs a loving home however there are more animals in shelters than there are families looking to adopt. If you’re looking for a dog or cat to add to your family, consider adopting from your local animal shelter.  Not sure where to start looking to adopt? We’ve put together a list of animal shelters in Broward County. At All Aboard Animal Hospital, we can give your newly adopted pet exceptional veterinary care and veterinary services you can trust.

Where Can I Adopt A Pet In Broward County?

If you’re looking to adopt a pet in Broward County, here’s a list of some of the animal shelters to choose from in your area.

1. Humane Society of Broward County

At the Humane Society animal shelter, you can adopt dogs, cats, and exotic animals. The shelter offers an online pre-adoption application form that is required for anyone looking to adopt before visiting the shelter. If you’re not looking to adopt, the Humane Society animal shelter also offers other ways for you to contribute. There are different Education Programs children can get involved in – like summer camps or junior dog training programs.

2. Animal Care And Adoption Broward County

At Animal Care and Adoption, you can visit their virtual animal shelter to take a look at all of the dogs and cats that are looking for their forever home. If you’re interested in meeting a specific one then you can make an inquiry to meet them. If you’re not sure you’re ready for the full-time commitment of adopting a pet, then you might want to try fostering a pet first. Book an appointment to foster a pet with Animal Care and Adoption today to learn more.

3. Abandoned Pet Rescue

This animal shelter specializes in finding abandoned pets and rescuing them, with the ultimate goal of finding them a new and loving home. APR is also one of the largest “no-kill” animal shelters in South Florida. APR has a comprehensive application process to find their pets the very best home. Naturally, since these animals have already been through so much, it’s important they go to their forever home with no fear of future abandonment. You can search the Abandoned Pet Rescue website for the available dogs and cats and submit an online application if you’re interested in meeting them in person. Here you’re more likely to find an adult dog or cat who is already house trained.

4. Pets In Distress

Pets in Distress in South Florida rescues abandoned animals and relies on a network of volunteers to foster these animals until they can find their forever home. If you or someone you know is looking to adopt an older dog or cat, or are interested in joining the foster network, contact them today.

All Aboard Animal Hospital Veterinary Care In South Florida

At All Aboard Animal Hospital, we provide you with the best in veterinary care. Our veterinary clinic and animal hospital is run by a licensed and experienced veterinarian. Contact All Aboard Animal Hospital today to book an appointment.


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