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Do Cats Get Seasonal Allergies?

seasonal cat allergies

Did you know that cats can get seasonal allergies? Many people think cats themselves are a common cause for allergies (and for some people, they are), but cats can also develop allergies. 

Symptoms Of Seasonal Cat Allergies

Signs of allergies are commonly found on a cat’s skin. They can excessively scratch, lose fur, and show red skin underneath. Other signs of allergies in cats include chewing on their paws, excessive grooming, ear infections, watery eyes, coughing or sneezing, lethargy, and irritable mood.

How Seasonal Cat Allergies Are Diagnosed

Your vet will conduct a physical examination of your cat, including but not limited to


If your cat has allergies, this will be apparent in an elevation of certain blood cells. Analyzing blood work can also reveal any issues with liver and kidney function.

Allergy Tests

These tests involve blood or skin samples that are injected with samples of possible allergens. The results will help reveal what your cat may be allergic to.

Skin Tests

There are many ways of analyzing feline skin samples for allergens and other irritants. One is the presence of bacteria, parasites, or fungi that can be observed under a microscope. Your vet can obtain a skin sample from your cat by gently scraping his skin or pulling a small hair with the skin follicle attached.

Medical Treatment For Seasonal Allergies

Once you know what’s bothering your cat, your vet can discuss a treatment plan with you. This may include medication to help with the itching which could come in the form of an injection, or a topical medication put directly on the skin or inside your cat’s ears. Other options include allergy shots or immunotherapy specific to the allergen.

Other Ways To Help Your Allergic Cat

In addition to taking your cat to the vet, you’ll want to limit their exposure to allergens as much as possible. Sometimes it’s a matter of treating them topically throughout the season since there’s not much you can do about pollen. But there are other things more within your control that can help:


Even if your cat doesn’t go outside, preventative flea and tick medication is necessary.  We offer these and more in our online pharmacy.

Try New Litter

If your current litter contains added fragrances, try switching it out with one that’s unscented or try a dust-free type.


Typically, cats don’t need to be bathed since they’re good at cleaning themselves (and they’re not the biggest fans of water). But for a cat with itchy skin, a bath with hypoallergenic shampoo could help them feel better.

Help For Seasonal Cat Allergies in South Florida

If you suspect your cat is suffering from allergies, our experienced team of veterinarians can help. All Aboard Animal Hospital in Pompano Beach, Florida offers a full range of veterinary services for your furry friends, including surgical and dental care.

For questions or to schedule a veterinary appointment, call us today at 954-785-7780.


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