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Dog Care Series: French Bulldogs Breed Characteristics & Traits

dog breed characteristics

If you’re a dog lover, then you know that no two dog breeds are the same – and there are many! Not all breeds are right for every family, so if you’re not sure which type to look for, we’re here to help shed (ha) some light on different dog breeds. One lovable favorite is the French Bulldog – one of mankind’s favorite types of companion canines.

Small but mighty in personality, here are some fun dog care facts and breed characteristics about this lovable breed!

A Brief History Of French Bulldogs

Despite what their name suggests, this dog breed was actually created in England. They accompanied lacemakers as they traveled to France for their business, thus acquiring the “French” nickname. In addition to companionship, French bulldogs are common show dogs. Created as a purebred, you can still find them in rescues and shelters today (we strongly suggest “adopting” over shopping!).

Physical Characteristics

Commonly featured in dog shows, the French bulldog has a unique appeal with their bat-like ears and small build. They may be small in stature, but have powerful, muscular bodies for romping around and playing (but also enjoy frequent relaxing as well). The French bulldog coat is short-haired, shiny, and easy to care for with the occasional brushing.

The French Bulldog Personality

These dogs are quite intelligent, which makes them highly trainable, as long as the experience is treated like a game. Funny and slightly mischievous, these dogs thrive best in consistent, patient environments. They love their people and thrive with human contact – especially from children. The more you lavish them, the more they will lavish you in return. They do tend to get territorial, however; if you’re considering a French bulldog for your family, you may want them to be your only dog.

Because French bulldogs don’t bark all that much, they’re great for families who live in apartments or condos. When your French bulldog does bark, you’ll know it’s for a good reason: they are good at alerting their humans to strangers or other strange occurrences. These gentle companion dogs are happy to lay at your feet or follow you around the house, making them ideal for people who work from home. But people who love them also say they can be mischievous, goofy, and playful! The constant, reassuring presence of the French bulldog makes him easy to love – and they will definitely love you in return.

Caring For French Bulldogs

Due to their small, compact size, your French bulldog will not require much space – which makes them ideal for apartments. Walking them daily for about 15 minutes or so will keep them healthy and in shape. They enjoy cool, comfortable surroundings, and are susceptible to heat exhaustion – make sure they have access to cool air, and never leave them (or any dog, for that matter) in a parked car.

Learn More About Dog Breed Characteristics

If you have questions or concerns about finding the right dog breed for your family, we at All Aboard Animal Hospital are here to help. Our expertise extends to more than French bulldogs! Besides helping our patients understand different dog breed characteristics, we also offer high quality veterinary care for every stage of your dog’s life. Rest assured; we are just as passionate about your dog’s well-being as you are. Dr. Kevin McAllister and staff are proud to serve the furry residents of Pompano Beach, Florida. Our patient testimonials speak for themselves!

If you have a new pet in need of a wellness check, or an older companion who needs ongoing wellness care, give us a call at 954-785-7780. We look forward to seeing you.


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