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Pet Care Tips: How To Take Care Of Your Dog

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Not only are dogs our best friends, but research shows they can also improve a person’s life! According to a study from BarkBox, an astonishing 71% of pet parents say their four-legged friends make them happier people. Our dedication to our dogs and the love we receive back from them makes it crucial for understanding how to take care of your pooch. Here the experts at All Aboard Animal Hospital discuss the pet care tips and tricks you should know to provide your dog’s best life.

Basic Pet Health Tips

A lot goes into even the most basic care for your dog. Their specific requirements vary significantly upon their breed, but there are several aspects any owner should know to protect their pet better.

Regular Vet Visits

We know our dogs better than anybody, but it’s often challenging to recognize illness or injury as their owners. Proper pet care goes beyond making sure they get their vaccinations, and veterinary expertise is there to prolong your dog’s life. The ASPCA recommends that your dog receives an annual check-up from a trusted vet, like those at All Aboard Animal Hospital, who offer a full spectrum of veterinary services to provide insight on their overall well-being, including dietary concerns, preventative care, and dental procedures.

Spay and Neuter

We all remember Bob Barker explaining the importance of doing your part to help control the pet population by practicing proper reproductive measures at the end of “The Price Is Right.” Now more than ever, this is true! Stray dog populations continue to surge and spaying and neutering your dog is the best way to prevent unwanted litters. It’s also true that spaying or neutering your pet, can prolong their life.

Grooming and Trimming

Brushing your dog is the best way to remove old hair and help their coat grow healthy. Getting your pet groomed professionally is a terrific way to prevent accidental injury and keep your dog looking their best. Having your dog’s nails trimmed professionally helps protect their posture and prevent painful infections or joint trouble.

The Importance of Diet and Exercise In Pet Care

Providing your dog with good nutrition allows them to stay active and healthy no matter their age, breed, or lifestyle. Our vets provide you with customized diet and exercise information to help prolong your pet’s life.

Quality Diet

Understanding the balance of proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals your pup requires to remain healthy is dependent on age, lifestyle, physical condition, and weight. By providing your dog with the right nutrition, you help prevent your beloved pooch from arthritis, diabetes, exercise intolerance, joint pain, and low energy, to name just a few potential issues. Having fresh water available to them at all times is also crucial to their wellness.

Regular Exercise

Diet alone does not promote your dog’s health; that is why regular exercise is just as important. Being overweight puts a dog at risk of diabetes, heart disease, and joint disease, among other health conditions. Whether it’s going on a walk or taking them to the dog park, studies have shown that exposing your pet to exercise also increases their happiness level and keeps them doing the things they enjoy longer.

The Best Pet Care In Pompano Beach

Our dogs are more like family to us than pets, which is why we must do everything we can to make sure they are happy and healthy. Our expert staff and veterinarian at All Aboard Animal Hospital have vast experience providing first-rate pet care for clients in Pompano Beach. All Aboard Animal Hospital is here for you and your dog, from routine check-ups and preventative care to grooming and boarding. If you are ready to make an appointment, click here or call us at (954)-785-7780 today!


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