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I have used AA for years with Lab Rescue, personal rescues and for my own dogs. They are so wonderful and kind hearted to help rescues as much as they do. Doc and Melissa and Nicky and staff could not be nicer and they care so much. The pricing is also very very fair. You are in great hands here!

Susan M.

Our three dogs have received excellent care at All Aboard for years. One of my dogs was very ill and was dying when we brought him to all aboard and Dr McAllister took amazing care of him and he survived. I can never say enough about the staff at All Aboard. They are all wonderful.

Donna S.

Been to the rest he is by FAR the best. No wait no drama awesome. Dr. Kevin as we call him is just the best vet I have ever had. There is little to no wait in spite of other people in waiting area which looks like my living room. When you call you actually get an answer. If they don’t know they ask Dr. Kevin and problem solved. Other vets have little to no personal skills and communication skills. All Aboard runs like a top.

Michele M.
Rusty loves everyone at All Aboard Animal Hospital. They treat him like he is their own dog. He gets lots of love and great care. Everyone is very professional, knowledgeable and very nice. We recommend All Aboard Animal Hospital to everyone!
Meredith E.
Highly recommended . I liked that my Vet (receptionist, Vet nurse and Dr are serious , cheerful and positive… the place is impeccable NO RUSCHED, all my question answered . THANK U and last but NOT least COMPETITIVE PRICES. U will see Sunny again from now on. I hope no soon , she is doing better. THANKS
Maria R.
I would highly recommend Dr. McAllister & his team. Dr. McAllister has been taking care of my cats for the past 3 years and I am always impressed by his veterinary expertise and honest treatment plans. I recently had to put one of my cats down. Dr. McAllister & his staff made this experience as pleasant as it could be. They were kind, empathetic & gave me the honest answers I needed to make this difficult decision. It’s not easy to find a doctor that can handle having this tough conversation with a client. His bedside manner and caring staff are much appreciated. My pets and I are grateful for their knowledgeable care!!
Joella W.
Dr. McAllister and his vets have saved two of my cats from near death!

I 100% trust Dr. McAllister and his staff with my pets. I have 3 cats that I bring to them and I’ve received very professional and caring attention from the vets and vet techs. They answer my questions with knowledge. I’ve never felt like they unnecessarily push for treatments.

As mentioned, they have saved two of my cats from near death. One had a bacterial infection that was hard to detect, she stayed with them for a week and they did everything they could until she was better and healthy. My other cat was stung by a bee, he is extremely allergic and went into shock, they were waiting for me and took him to immediately start treatment. Both times, the vet personally called us to give us updates on them. For the bee sting we did not have pet insurance, I feel like the charge was reasonable. They don’t take advantage of a desperate situation to make money.

They truly care for animals and want to help save lives. I know they also work with a couple of pet rescues, offering vet services to them.

Nicole T.
I love All Aboard. I usually have very little wait time. The staff is always very friendly and I feel that my dog gets the best care at All Aboard. Dr. McAllister talks through any treatment options to help me decide the best course to take for my dog(s), rather than pushing treatments on me as some vets do.
Susan H.

We have been going to All Aboard for a very long time – they are like family to us. Dr McCalister and his team are thorough and professional, and are able to meet all of our needs from checkups to surgery, and boarding and grooming. They even offer a payment service and an online shopping experience! As long as we own our pets, All Aboard will be our vets.

Kimberly P.

I drive down Dixie often and had seen their sign so many time . When I finally made an appointment to see them, they delighted me by being passionate about animals, treated me and my cat with compassion and respect. Dr. McAlister also found a medical issue that had gone unnoticed by other vets and now my kitty gets the proper treatment for her condition. They are wonderful and the office is always clean and lively. Highly recommended if you live anywhere near pompano and are looking for a vet.

Sasha J.

My Baby is not that cute when meeting doctors. He becomes a fears puma, but Dr. Cindy took good care of my fur ball and confirmed he is not in danger. Veterinarian centers ain’t cheap so don’t go looking to be charged in small, but I can assure you that this is the best place for your pet. They could have easily charged me extra saying that he needed more checkups and medicine, but they didn’t.

Natasha B.
I used to drive to University Dr, for my vet needs thinking they had the best service to provide my dog. However, I have always seen All Aboard Animal Hospital driving Dixie and thought, “Why not try since it is closer?” No regret. They take care of my dog and my dog is also very comfortable with the environment. The staff is very nice and professional. That being said, this has now been my go-to vet place for a little more than a year now.
Marvin A.

I have been going to All Aboard for years, they always take great care of my cats and take the time to answer any questions and offer solutions for the care of my animals!

Linda N.
Dr. McAllister did very well taking care of my cat, Pancho. The office was able to retrieve records from another animal hospital which was super convenient. Also on the bright side NOT EXPENSIVE!!!! Between getting the necessary medication, the office visit and buying a couple cans of the high quality wet food I spent way less than what I would have previously for basic check ups and vaccinations at Banfield and VCA. Also they have this beautiful orange tabby cat that hangs out in the front who is basically the welcoming committee 🙂 Thank you All Aboard! Can’t wait to see y’all again for Pancho’s follow up!
Vanessa W.

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