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Spaying & Neutering Your Pet

spaying and neutering your pet

Every pet owner is familiar with the responsibility of spaying and neutering, but few understand its true benefits. It’s a routine procedure, but it can also help save your pet’s life in the long run. The surgery is different for males and females, as well as in dogs and cats.


This procedure is the most basic care for your new female pet. It does more than just prevent her from getting pregnant. For both dogs and cats, it prevents mammary cancer from occurring which is a common ailment in female pets if not prevented in time. Other benefits vary from cats to dogs.

For Cats

Spaying a cat prevents them from going into heat. When this happens, their meows are often loud and quickly become tiring to anyone who has to listen. It can also prevent them from marking their territory by urinating in your home.

During the surgery, the veterinarian removes both ovaries. This is the most crucial part of this procedure because it’s what will prevent mammary cancer. The heat cycles also stem from the ovaries.

For Dogs

If you spay dogs before they go into heat, they will have an almost 0% chance of developing mammary cancer. After her first heat, the risk increases to 7%, and after their second heat, it rises to 25%. That’s a considerable jump, and pet owners should take it seriously.

This procedure also protects against Pyometra, which is an infection in the dog’s uterus. If she develops Pyometra, she will die if she doesn’t undergo surgery after her uterus is infected. It’s worth repeating, spaying before the dog’s first heat cycle will completely prevent this condition from occurring.


Post-surgery, the recoveries for dogs and cats are very similar. Some veterinarians will keep them overnight to promote healing, but others will send them home that day and rely on the owner for observation.

The type of stitches your pet receives also depends on the vet. If they decide to use buried stitches, the stitches will be on the inside, and they will dissolve over time. If your pet gets skin stitches, they will have to be taken out by the vet at a later appointment. Either way, it’s best to have a check-up post-surgery.


Neutering is the act of having the dog or cats’ testicles removed. Similar to the female equivalent, it has several benefits other than preventing the creation of new offspring. In both animals, it can have physical and behavioral benefits.

For Cats

Behaviorally, the procedure helps prevent what we see as unacceptable behavior because they are hormone-based behaviors. It prevents most roaming, fighting, and urine marking. Reducing the urge to roam or fight will help any outdoor male cat be safer when interacting with other animals, including other cats and coyotes.

There are also health benefits of neutering your feline friend, as it can reduce the risk of both asthma and gum disease in your cat.

For Dogs

For dogs, this procedure can help them with behavioral problems as well as increase their life expectancy. Testosterone enlarges the dog’s prostate over time. Therefore, the operation will help prevent the enlargement and infection of the prostate by eliminating the production of testosterone. Castration also helps prevent tumors regarding the testicles and anus.

The behavioral problems that the surgery subdues are behaviors like mounting and fighting. This can help prevent all types of issues for the owner.


After the surgery, cats do very well. It’s one of the most straightforward surgeries a veterinarian can perform. Most of the time, it doesn’t even require stitches, just a 10-to-14-day healing period.

For dogs, it’s not as painless, but it’s still relatively easy. He’ll be swollen for a few days and have possible bruising. He may or may not have stitches. To help the healing process, the dog should avoid major activity.

Spaying & Neutering Services In Pompano Beach

Don’t wait; get your pet spayed or neutered today. It might just save their life one day. Call All Aboard Animal Hospital today at 954-785-7780, or request a veterinary appointment online. We’ll care for your pet as much as you do.


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