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The Importance of Pet Dental Care

Pet Dental Care

We know dental hygiene is essential for human beings, but we often neglect our pet dental care. Your furry friend’s dental hygiene is just as important as your own. Not to mention, taking care of their teeth can improve their life, long term. Every pet gets one set of teeth. It’s important to help take proper care of them.

When you start taking the time to take care of your pet’s dental needs, you both are going to benefit more than you realize. Brushing their teeth daily helps eliminate plaque buildup along the gums that causes other health problems.

Just like our own dental hygiene, our pet’s dental hygiene can affect their overall health and quality of life. Brushing and other forms of dental care are essential to maintaining their dental health. Dental problems are extremely preventable, so get ahead of the game while you still can!

The Benefits Of Dental Care

There are more than a few advantages that come from being proactive about your pet friend’s dental care.

  • Fresh Breath

    First, the obvious, your pet will have fresh breath. (Hopefully) You’ll never have to deal with dog breath ever again. When you brush your pet’s teeth, you’re removing the plaque and bacteria that are the most common causes of the bad breath.

  • It Saves On Future Pet Dental Costs

    Taking care of their teeth will also save you money in the long run. Veterinary dental care bills can add up quickly when several tooth removals and cleanings become necessary. When you brush their teeth, less professional cleanings and extractions will have to be done and it could save you thousands of dollars.

  • Pain Alleviation

    Most importantly, dental problems can become very painful for your pet. The pain may start out small, but by the time you notice it could be painful for your pet to eat or even move their mouth. The most significant benefit of dental care is helping your pet avoid a painful situation. Tooth pain is one of the worst feelings a person can experience, and it’s just as bad for your pet.

What Can Happen If You Don’t Care For Your Pet’s Teeth?

Several diseases and problems will take hold in your pet’s mouth if you neglect their pet dental care.

  • Halitosis

    The first and most noticeable issue is Halitosis or bad breath. This dental condition develops from particles that are accumulated while eating and turn into plaque. Eventually, this plaque will turn into tartar and attract bacteria. When enough bacteria are present it will create inflammation and make your pet uncomfortable. As bacteria builds in their mouth, their breath will get worse and worse. This is your first sign that you need to attend to your pet’s dental hygiene.

  • Periodontal Disease

    When enough bacteria and plaque are present, it leads to Periodontal disease; a disease that forms on the outside of the tooth. This can be very painful for your pet and even make it hard for them to eat. It’s possible your pet may also suffer from cavities or tooth resorption.

  • Loose Teeth & Other Health Problems

    Once things progress further, your pet’s teeth will begin to loosen in their mouth. The worst-case scenario is that the bacteria in their mouth spreads to other areas of the body like the liver or heart causing an infection and larger health problems.

Pet Dental Care In South Florida

It’s incredible how much good the simple act of brushing your pet’s teeth can do. Although it can be challenging in the beginning to get them to cooperate, eventually, they might learn to love it. Get the toothpaste that comes in their favorite flavor, like chicken or tuna, and watch your pet fall in love with dental hygiene!

If you’re near Pompano Beach give All Aboard Animal Hospital a call at 954-785-7780. We can answer any questions you may have and help you get started on preventative and proactive pet dental care. Protect and care for your pet’s teeth as much as you do your own. Set up your pet’s plaque removal appointment today and prevent dental issues before they start.


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